Sekem commenced operations in 1923 with a staff of three using hand operated machines to produce socks. Since then the company has survived the depression and World War II to evolve into one of Australia's leading sportswear brands, worn by elite athletes around the world.

Sekem's range and production capabilities have undergone many transformations throughout its history. After starting with socks, the company quickly expanded into other football garments including shorts and jumpers, and then into other sports such as cricket, hockey and rugby. As the baby boomers hit school, Sekem increased its production volume many times over with the successful development of woollen jumpers, shorts and socks for school uniforms. For years, Sekem was Australia's leading school wear brand name. Other ventures include a stint manufacturing for the armed forces and a successful foray into swimwear.

In recent times, the company has helped transform the sportswear industry in Australia from the wool and polycotton fabrics of yesteryear, to the synthetic performance fabrics worn by athletes of all levels today.

Since the mid 1990's, the company has re-aligned its business model to focus more on the production and distribution of licensed merchandise, while still maintaining an active presence in the team wear market. Today, Sekem is known as Australia's leading distributor in licensed sports merchandise, holding official distribution and manufacturing licenses with the AFL, NRL, Socceroos and Wallabies among many others.